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I have read and understand all of the information on the Info page and I agree to the Suds Diaper Service Agreement below.

Cloth diapers are a very hard-working article of clothing that require (only a little!) bit of TLC on your part.

If we detect negligence (e.g. off-limits diaper cream use, "missed pick-ups" or theft), we will bring these concerns to your attention.  We reserve the right to charge $2 to $4.50 (depending on size) for each stained, lost or stolen diaper.

NOTE:  an average single bag of diapers is worth $150 - $225!  So please be diligent in reviewing and following the points below.

What to do with dirty diapers?
Until a baby begins eating solids, poopy diapers can be tossed into the hamper bag just the same as pee-pee diapers.  Each week, put out just your dirties – in the provided hamper bag - and hold onto your clean diapers.

So that diapers don't go missing in transit, please ensure that all diapers are fully contained inside the hamper bag and that the bag is cinched securely closed.

If you're putting your dirties out in a common area, keeping them in the Pail works great.  But please still cinch the bag securely closed inside the pail. And in a common area, consider putting a note on them so a "friendly neighbor" doesn't mistake them as trash.

NOTE:  Once solid foods kick in, shake the solid poo into the toilet and toss the dirty diaper into the hamper bag.  This is also when Flushable Liners can come in handy.

How to avoid staining the diapers
Our laundry cycle is perfectly geared for babies and the organic matter that they produce.  But because we don't use harsh chemicals, the diapers can occasionally retain yellow discolorations.  These discolorations are totally normal and harmless.

BUT, there are some "not normal" stains.  And these biggies are caused by the 5 specific culprits listed below.  So be sure to read over and follow these instructions:

Diapers must be laundered weekly

Please use only the Magic Bum cloth safe diaper oil that we include as a sample with your first bag of diapers. Avoid the use of all other diaper creams.

Please never bind the diapers in any type of plastic or grocery store sacks.

When your baby begins eating solids, please be diligent about plunking solid poo into the toilet.

Lost or Stolen Diapers
Sadly, diapers (even the dirty ones) do get stolen, misplaced or mistaken as trash.

On our end, we keep detailed records that readily pinpoint when and how many diapers have gone missing.  So please keep in mind that you are accountable for these diapers from the moment we drop them off and ensure that the exchange area that you choose is a safe one.  If ever you suspect that diapers have gone missing, please contact us immediately to discuss next steps.

Diaper Pick-Ups and Missed Diaper Pick-Ups
Please always have your diapers out by 6am on your scheduled delivery day. If ever you miss your pick-up time, we will send a "missed pick up" email later in the day with alternate pick-up/drop-off options.

Keep in mind that if you do not turn any diapers in to us, then we will not have any diapers (or bag) to return the following week.

Initial Billing / Grace Period
We will bill for your sign-up order upon dropping off your first set of diapers and accessories.  Weekly recurring billing kicks in when we pick-up your first set of dirties or after the 4 week grace period (whichever occurs soonest).  If your service has not been activated within 4 weeks of your first diaper delivery, we will begin charging your weekly service fee beginning the 5th week.

Weekly Recurring Billing
We process weekly service fees on the Friday after your service has occurred.

Note:  Depending on your personal bank or credit card, it can then take up to four days to register on your statement.  So, in essence, you may see a 10 day delay between your service date and your statement date.

Active Week – any week in which we are scheduled to either pick-up or drop-off, your card will be charged your regular weekly service fee.  For us to mark you "inactive" (below), please alert us no later than noon on the day of your delivery.

Inactive Week – any week in which you've arranged for us to Skip you entirely (due to vacations, holds, etc.) The set of diapers that have been assigned to you are entirely yours to use while away - and we encourage it!   If, however, you opt not to use the diapers while away, they will still await your return on our shelves and in your home. If there are several inactive weeks per year, we will discuss charges with you as your diapers are not serving any purpose in storage.

Vacations and Service Holds
Please send an email to to arrange for "Skip" dates. Please arrange your dates as far in advance as possible and remember that diapers need to be laundered weekly.  Please adjust your diaper usage so that you don't leave any dirty diapers behind.

Diaper Count
Wee are provided 180 diapers rotated over 2 weeks
Small are provided 160 diapers rotated over 2 weeks
Medium are provided 120 diapers rotated over 2 weeks
Large are provided 100 diapers rotated over 2 weeks
After delivering your full rotation of diapers over 2 weeks (half the first week and then half the second week), we then return to you the exact number of diapers that we picked up from the week before.

Increasing Your Diaper Count
If you find that you're running short on diapers, we can increase your rotation in increments of 20 at the following rates:

Smalls: The first 20 for no extra charge.  
Each additional 20 thereafter is an extra $2.00/week
Mediums: Each additional 20 is an extra $2.50/week
Larges: Each additional 20 is an extra $3.00/week

Size Changes
Keep in mind that when moving up in size, you will be provided with the new corresponding quantity of diapers.

On the day of your size change, please return all of your current size (but 1, of course).

If all of the smaller sized diapers are not turned in, we will charge a double service fee each week until they are returned.  This is because all diapers are kept in "sets" and need to be collected as a whole before their next baby can use them.

Holidays & Weather Changes
We will deliver as usual on every holiday except:  New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day. For those holidays we will either service you a day early or a day late than your usual swap day.

Service Cancellation
For cancellations, we ask to pick up all of the diapers in your set. If we are unable to retrieve all of the diapers, we will charge between $2 and $4.50 for each unreturned or ruined diaper (depending on size).


Subscribe and auto-pay each week WeekLY $ 25
  • Weekly pickup and delivery
  • 52 weeks for a year's worth of service.
  • Automatically billed each week
  • Uniquly numbered diapers
Subscribe and auto-pay each month Monthly $ 100
    • Weekly pickup and delivery
    • Pay for only 48 weeks per year compared to the weekly price.
  • Automatically billed each month
  • Saves 8% off the WEEKLY price
  • Uniquly numbered diapers
Gift certificates $5 to $1000 GIFT
  • Buy online
  • Then print out the certificate
  • Or send it via email
  • A great gift for a new mom
buy now 1 week 1 Week $ 25
  • or $35 for two kids
  • or $45 for three kids
  • One week of service
  • Uniquly numbered diapers
buy now 1 month 1 Month $ 100
    • or $140 for two kids
  • or $180 for three kids
  • Saves 8% off the WEEKLY price
  • Uniquly numbered diapers
  • Weekly pickup and delivery
  • Buy 6 months of service
  • Saves $150 versus WEEKLY prices
  • Pay for only 40 weeks per year compared to the weekly price
  • A great gift for a new mom
  • Uniquly numbered diapers

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